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What We Do

Since 2007, PPR has helped investors build wealth by successfully managing several mortgage and real estate investment funds of diversified assets nationwide. Utilizing a combination of institutional capital and private equity, PPR manages these assets to deliver peace of mind by providing passive returns while growing alongside our investor community.


At PPR, we are dedicated to responsible investing and practices. With our investors, borrowers, and staff, we strive to make a positive impact every day and with every level of service we offer.

PPR by the Numbers

15 - year

Track Record

$631M +

Assets Under Management


Loans, Purchased Since Inception

$29M +

Preferred Returns Earned by Fund Investors, past 12 Months

Portfolio Overview

Breakdown by Asset Value
Occupied vs Vacant Properties
Non-Performing vs Re-Performing Loans

breakdown by assets value

Occupied vs Vacant Properties

Non-Performing vs Re-Performing Loans

*All information updated as of Q1 2020


  • Strong base of sourcing relationships with banks, expert operators, servicers, and government entities
  • Data-driven acquisitions & asset management systems
  • Economy of scale – buying power of a large fund
  • State-of-the-art document-management systems to house and collect collateral
  • Strong commitment to superior client service

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