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What We Do

Since 2007, PPR has successfully managed several residential mortgage investment funds of distressed assets nationwide. Utilizing private investor capital, PPR acquires and manages individual assets toward favorable resolutions via REO liquidation, loan disposition, or by modifying non-performing loans into cash-flowing revenue streams.


At PPR, we are dedicated to socially conscious investing and practices. With our investors, homeowners, and staff: we strive to make a positive impact for the community every day and with every level of service we have to offer.

PPR by the Numbers

12 - year

Track Record

$134M +

Assets Under Management

10,000 +

Loans, Purchased Since Inception

$185M +

Unpaid Principal Balance in our Portfolio

Portfolio Overview

Breakdown by Asset Value
Occupied vs Vacant Properties
Non-Performing vs Re-Performing Loans

breakdown by assets value

Occupied vs Vacant Properties

Non-Performing vs Re-Performing Loans

*All information updated as of Q1 2020

Why Work With PPR?

With a strong track record of fund performance, an experienced leadership team, and an internal operations staff as well as an external network of asset management and legal expertise all across the country, we pride ourselves on being #1 in the note industry.

When an investor works with PPR, they’re also investing in our…

  • Access to a diversified asset base (mix of 1st & 2nd mortgages in various markets)
  • Strong base of sourcing relationships with banks, servicers, and government entities
  • Data-driven acquisitions & asset management systems
  • Economy of scale – buying power of a large fund which allows for more diversification
  • State-of-the-art document-management systems to house and collect collateral
  • Strong commitment to superior client service

It’s all of the above and more that helps PPR provide investors with a reliable passive alternative through investing in real estate note funds.

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