by Dave Van Horn

As PPR continues to grow and gets ready to move into our new office space next month, I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of designing community lately.

When beginning our journey of “The Big Move” as we call it, my project management team and I had plenty of tasks at hand. Everything from choosing the right location, to orchestrating new construction and design, all the way to decisions on furniture and interior decorating (with the help of many friends and consultants of course).

The most challenging and perhaps most important of these tasks was figuring out exactly how to configure the entire space in the most efficient and effective way possible. After a lot of discussion (and a healthy amount of debate), we ended up agreeing as a team on an open office floorplan. This open area will consist of different departments strategically clustered in pods throughout the main part of the office.

We believe that sharing physical space (getting away from the old closed-off offices of the 20th century) will promote more collaboration, discussion, better thinking, and an overall greater amount of creativity in the workplace.


PPR floorplan
Rendering of the floorplan at the new PPR office.

So why am I telling you this? Well, because creating a more open, connected workplace will hopefully also support the feeling of community both inside and out. We have a strong culture at PPR that’s based on our core values (such as “Grow Together,” “Care, It Counts”, “Lead Creatively,” and “Have Spirited Fun”), and these values are sown into the soil of the community we purposefully create every single day inside the office. From there, it flows out to our investors, to our partners, to our homeowners, and hopefully beyond…

So preparing for this move has been a great opportunity to shape the way PPR operates on a daily basis, and we hope we’ve designed a workspace that reflects who we are and what we do, while enabling us to do the very best job possible.

*Curious about the new PPR offices? Keep an eye out for an invitation to an Open House.

Community Building… Outside the Office

As important as the office environment is to me, I’m also engaged every single day in other communities.

For example, I dedicate time daily to answering people’s questions about real estate and note investing on the forums and in our ever-growing inbox at, an active and growing online community of investors. I also spend a lot of my personal time creating articles for BiggerPockets as one of their featured blog writers, and I often travel around the country speaking to groups of investors, on top of local speaking events around the Greater Philadelphia area.

This is another way I’m purposefully creating and building community.

The “sharing economy” isn’t just for Uber and Airbnb – it’s the new way to do business.

The biggest satisfaction I get from participating in and creating community is knowing that I’m helping people create wealth and improve their lives.

It’s also true that, as a direct result of all the time I’ve purposefully invested in giving back my time and talents, I’ve met new joint venture partners, raised millions in capital, and grown personally.

Creating and sustaining community takes work. It takes discipline and commitment. It requires that you put the needs of other people before your own.

But the returns are worth it.

What about you?

How are you participating in community?

How are you creating new forms of community in your own sphere of influence?

How could you get more involved with other investors to share knowledge and meet new partners?