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Current Fund Offerings for Accredited Investors

PPR offers different note fund investment options to meet the unique needs of Accredited Investors for return, term, and liquidity.

How The Fund Works

How the fund works

Key Advantages

Completely Passive Preferred Return
Low Minimum Investment
Risk Reduction Via Diversification
No Brokerage Fees

Participating in our note funds requires zero work on the investor’s part. The fund’s operations team handles asset management with our highly-developed systems, staff, contracting partners and vendors. The investor simply receives completely passive preferred return payments every month, deposited directly to their bank account via ACH.

PPR is all about accessibility for our accredited investor community. Some other real estate funds in the marketplace have minimum investment amounts of $100K or even higher. PPR’s current minimum investment is only $25,000 for our 6% Reliant Income Fund and $50,000 for our 8% and 10% Reliant Income Funds, allowing for simpler investment and re-investment opportunities.

Accredited Investors can deploy funds from personal accounts, retirement accounts (IRAs), HSAs, and Coverdell ESAs, as well as other qualified plans.

Our Accredited Investors benefit from limited liability due to capital and asset diversification, shared overhead expenses, and access to large scale buying power.

When you invest in PPR, your investment is direct. No third-party middlemen or brokerage fees. All management fees are factored into operational costs, so there are no hidden fees affecting your return.

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In order to achieve our business objectives, it’s essential that our portfolio of assets is properly diversified by key factors such as geography, demographics, asset size, etc, thus minimizing unnecessary concentrations that increase risk.


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