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Real Estate Note Investing

"In his latest book, 'Real Estate Note Investing,' Dave breaks open the 'black box' of the financing side of real estate and shows ordinary investors how to think 'like a bank' so they can do more deals and be more profitable. Highly recommended!"

- Joe Fairless, Bestselling Author and Podcast Host of "Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever"

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Note Investing Podcasts

PPR CEO Dave Van Horn is a frequent guest on industry podcasts related to notes, real estate, and wealth-building. To view a selection of these podcasts intended for real estate and note investors, click the "Listen to Podcasts" button.

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Free Introduction to Note Investing eBook

Are you a Real Estate Investor and curious about how to use Notes to grow your operation and increase profitability? In his free eBook, Dave Van Horn, longtime real estate investor and BiggerPockets featured writer, explains how he uses Note Investing to build wealth in his own portfolio.

The recently-updated e-book is a quick, straightforward guide to Note Investing. This FREE guide includes real-world examples, case studies, definitions, and discussions of the key elements of note investing – all written with real estate investors in mind.

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Notes Forum on BiggerPockets

A great place for learning or sharing note investing and financial management strategies, as well as asking questions.

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Distressed Mortgages Group

Join and participate. This is a great place to ask questions or buy and sell assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about note or fund investing? Check out our comprehensive list of FAQs.


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